Jodie Bass is a multi-faceted architectural designer and entrepreneur driven by positive social engagement and collaboration.  In 2015 she founded Soul Proprietorship to pursue community-minded creative development.  Current projects are underway in Louisville Kentucky; previous work spanned both coasts, from Los Angeles to New York, with future sites set in the Caribbean.

She continues to explore the nexus of design and learning through "Soul Prop", as well as a satellite of small business pursuits, incorporating an ever-expanding range of expertise. 


These diverse interests can be traced within the greater body of her work.  Some have generated their own projects, while healthy agriculture, mindful urban development, and restoration continue to guide and inform her design.


Sustainability in architecture is the focus of Soul Prop.  Essential to this, is a deep respect for the transformative power of travel to enrich all lives, and a commitment to ethically harness new possibilities in rental and tourism markets. 


Jodie has participated in natural building workshops around the world.  She is certified in mushroom identification and foraging, and interested in advancing research in fungi and wildfoods, encompassing applications in mycroremediation and product development.

Jodie holds a Masters of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture architecture, and a Masters of Arts from New York University.  She has a background in non-profit work, and over fifteen years experience as freelance and exhibition designer in the museum world.